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We do get more than 6 inquiries for dates and each team only does one wedding per day. Please fill out the inquiry form and we will get back to you within 48 business hours. Can't wait to chat xoxo
Hair Consult Form
Let's chat about your hair
What would you describe your hair length as:
How do you wear your hair normally:
Select any hair concerns that apply:
When you've been a bridesmaid, what did you dislike the most:
Inspiration Looks
This is your time to share with us what your vision is! Inspo pics are SUPER helpful for us to have a more clear picture of what you are dreaming of and to make sure that we are a perfect fit! Include a picture of yourself currently (hair & face should be visible) so we can help in the process of decision making. 
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Is there a particular makeup artist you want to work with?
What's your vibe?
Are you going for more of a Chique classic style? Are you more flowy and boho? Are you looking for BIG voluptuous glam waves? Let us know your vibe, what's your dress like, are you planning to wear any hair accessories, do you plan on wearing hair extensions? Are you more of a natural barely any there makeup girl? Or are you into full face glam, lashes the whole nine?!

Amazing! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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