These are some of the most frequently asked questions about custom airbrush tanning. Feel free to contact us if your question has not been answered below. 


What is a custom airbrush tan?

A.  A custom airbrush tan is the most natural looking sunless tan without being exposed to UV rays from the sun or tanning beds. Each tan is completely customizable and delivered by a certified specialist, rather than an automated booth. You can expect an even, natural looking tan immediately (if you choose the bronzing solution), but the color will continue to develop for up to 12 hours!  Your tan can last anywhere from 5-10 days depending on your activity level and maintenance of the tan.

How does mobile custom airbrush/sunless spray tanning work?


A.  A certified custom airbrush specialist will come to your desired location with everything needed for the service. We recommend having a well ventilated area for the actual spray tan. After a brief consultation, the specialist will apply the sunless tanning formula, you will be dried and should you choose, dusted with one of our quick dry finishing powders. The solution is an all natural, anti-aging formula made with antioxidants and pure botanicals. It contains a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts along with the main ingredient, DHA (dihydroxyacetone). DHA is a non-toxic sugar derived from sugar cane and sugar beets and reacts with the amino acids on your skin's outermost layer to create a browning effect. 

How long does the application process take?


A.  In Salon- Each session takes 10-15 minutes. The actual spray process takes no more than 5-7 minutes.

      In Home- Each session takes 15-20 minutes (including set up & break down). 

How long does a sunless spray tan last?


A.  The length of your spray tan depends on a few different factors, such as, how you prepped your skin, your skin type and your activity level (multiple showers, working out, exfoliation, sweating, etc.) For highly active individuals, we recommend that you get sprayed every 5-7 days (once a week), but the solution has been known to last as long as 14 days!

Does the solution leave behind a mess?

A.  The Infinity Sun system is a one-of-a-kind mobile spray tanning machine, with the least amount of overspray. For in home sessions, the area in which you will be sprayed is protected by a tent your custom airbrush specialist supplies during every visit. The cosmetic bronzer (if you choose the bronzing solution) may come off on clothing, towels, or sheets prior to your first post-tan shower. If you wash your items promptly, you shouldn't have a problem with staining, but we recommend wearing dark, loose clothing. Please stay away from coming in contact with silk, leather, or suede before your first shower as these items may stain.


Do you customize the spray tan solution to each skin type?

A.  Many of our clients are surprised when they have a choice between 4 different solutions! Bronze, Clear, Ultra Dark & Bronze Organics, here are the differences and when to choose one over the other. 


Bronze is what most clients will use when they want to see immediate color and do not want to wait for the sunless tanner to kick in. The color is rich & natural. We recommend anyone brand new to spray tanning do this.

Clear is used when a client is concerned about some of the bronzer transferring onto their clothing, towels or sheets. In this case they are not concerned with immediate results and are happy for it to develop gradually. An example may be a bride who is concerned about getting bronzer on her wedding dress or someone who gets sprayed and plans to go to bed immediately after (and doesn’t need immediate color).


Ultra Dark aka our rapid developer ..pretty much sums it up. This rapid developer is so rich and immediate, clients have the option to shower in just 1 hour or for darker results, however, it continuously deepens over a 12 hour period. This solution absorbs & dries quickly leaving your skin feeling hydrated not sticky. We aren't surprised with how popular this color has become amongst our guests!


Bronze Organics is made with organic ingredients, antioxidants & pure botanicals. This bronzing solution delivers a beautiful color with a slight reddish undertone, making it seem like you were actually in the sun. The bronzer is slighty darker then our original bronzing solution, which allows you to be able to shower sooner if needed.

Our system is the only one that uses one solution (with multiples options) to adapt to all skin types. 

What is this Finishing Powder I keep hearing about?


A.  You are in for a treat! Remember back in the day when you would get a spray tan and walk around like a robot then yell at anything looking to come and touch your freshly bronzed bod?? Well folks, those days are behind us with our new quick dry finishing powder. It's a hypoallergenic, talc and paraben free, proprietary blend of cosmetic grade powders and micas that were designed to be used in conjunction with spray tan formulas. There are two different types of powder to choose from. One powder has a very light shimmer and the other has a matte finish with no shimmer. Immediately following a spray tan, the powder is applied allowing you to get dressed, feeling completely dry and best of all, look amazing! The bronzer from the spray tan doesn't get all over your clothes or car seats like it has in the past. The powder eliminates that post-spray sticky feeling, leaving a beautiful shimmer and a clean fresh summery clean scent.


Pregnant or Nursing?


A.  Spray tanning offers an alternative to UV tanning and has been deemed safe for pregnant women by the March of Dimes. They recommend that you spray tan on a small area of the body first, as your skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy. Although there have been no reports of side effects, pregnant women should always consult with their physician prior to receiving a sunless tan. Nursing mothers may should cover their us been there done that!


The day of your sunless application

Cleanse the skin with a non oil based skin cleanser– Oil, heavy moisturizers, and perfume will prevent the activation of the sunless tanner and the color will not develop fully.


Exfoliate– Do not use an abrasive exfoliant (like a loofah, salt or sugar scrub) because that will create little scratches on the surface of the skin. Think of it like using sandpaper on a wall before painting. However, the use of an abrasive exfoliant may be used at least 72 hours prior to any sunless tanning session, this will allow the skin enough time to heal. We believe that it is best to stick to exfoliants that dissolve dead skin cells and leave the surface smooth and even. Try our Infinity Sun pineapple enzyme exfoliant. It smells great and creates a flawless canvass for picture perfect sunless tans. 

Massages, manicures, pedicures and facials should all be done prior to your tanning session. Be sure to remove any left over oils or lotions left on your skin prior to your tanning session. If you must get your nails done after your appointment, do only a polish change & clean up!!


PH Balance– If you have dry areas on your body, rub a little aloe on your body before bronzing it up. This will make the absorption rate even so you will not have darker patches. Also, stay away from bar soaps, they can dry out your skin.


Remove unwanted hair- you can wax, shave or laser same day, just make sure there is no oil or moisturizer on your skin before you sunless tan.

Wear an old bra and underwear, a bathing suit or even your birthday suit (Men must wear bottoms). Be sure to remove all jewelry prior to your session. We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothes after your session, or for at home visits stay in nothing at all! 


Wait at least 6-12 hours for the solution to fully develop before showering. If you sprayed at night you can wait until the following day before you shower. You should shower prior to any swimming or working out/sweating. This will enable you to achieve full activation and will keep the color vibrant, even and flawless much longer.


Keep the skin hydrated- By keeping the little skin cells plumped up with moisture, you will prevent dehydration from setting in and will slow down your body’s natural shedding of skin cells. This will keep the color on the body longer. Drink plenty of water and green tea. By keeping your skin hydrated from the inside, you will keep the skin cells on the body longer. Try our Infinity Sun Extender for an extra punch of moisture! The Infinity Sun Extender is a water based lotion that hydrates skin cells naturally.

Touch up– When areas such as the face, hands or feet begin to fade, there is no need to do an all over body application. Spray a little Infinity Sun sunless tanning aerosol on those areas. 


Avoid long hot showers and baths and remember to pat your skin dry after showering/bathing.

**Before you get ready to do your next full body application; remember to remove the remnants of your previous application. The worse thing to do is layer sunless over sunless. The best way is to soak in a tub with sea salt and essential oils. Sluff off the color as gently as possible. Wait a couple of days then do your non-abrasive exfoliant and voila! You will be ready to start again!


Water is NOT your friend- Avoid showering, rain, sweating, drooling, crying and any exposure to water before your first shower (at least 6-12 hours).


Avoid Jacuzzis, swimming pools and the ocean they will shorten the length of your tan. If you must get in one of these, just splash around for a few moments, hop out, pat yourself dry and grab a margarita.


Always remember that this is NOT a real tan, so if you're tanning for vacation in a nice tropical location, please apply SPF. The lotion kind NOT the aerosol, the alcohol in those will stir your tan. Since your skin has not built up a barrier of protection from a base tan, you will be more likely to get red in the natural sun or even a tanning bed. 


Being on vacation is always awesome but remember, the more you are doing to your skin the faster the tan will fade. This includes going in and out of the pool/ocean and toweling off, sweating, 2-3 showers a day.

Being sunburned sucks, don't come to us to cover it up with a spray tan, instead go to the doctor or take a bath in aloe! Instead of trying to spray tan over your sunburn, get a normalizing elixir treatment that's packed with aloe to help soothe your damaged skin. A spray tan WONT fix your sunburn, if anything the sunburn will ruin your spray tan. Just think, when your skin starts to peel, so does your tan. So take this time to be kind to your skin, hydrate it, aloe it up, apologize to it and when your skin is all healed up THEN you can come in and have us even out your tan a bit. 


Moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE....hope you get the point! Well hydrated skin will hold a tan better and longer and will eliminate crocodile skin which may cause spots or a blotchy uneven tan.


If you have super dry skin around your knees and elbows, apply a light moisturizer to those areas prior to your tanning session. We recommend using our Sunless Pro Intensifier, a conditioning color developer infused with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, and Avocado Oil. Pre-Tan Intensifier works by hydrating and balancing your skin's pH levels while providing a perfectly conditioned canvas for the Sunless application. Used before each tan, Pre-Tan Intensifier will increase the depth and color of your Sunless Tan, as well as accelerate the tan's development time.


Do NOT exceed the 12 hour limit to shower, this can lead to an over development of your tan which results in an unnatural color.

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