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Meet The Team


Delia Patente


bridal hair & spray tan master educator

Delia, the spray tan guru and fiery red head behind Tre Chique. Delia created Tre Chique to be a place where like minded individuals can come together to create and thrive in a positive, upbeat environment. Delia has over 14 years as a spray tan artist, so when she says she's seen it her! She expanded her knowledge in the beauty industry and fell in love with bridal styling. She is continually looking for ways to grow and be the best for her team and clients. If you've ever had the pleasure of getting sprayed by her, you'll know how much attention to detail goes into her technique.

Go To Solution: Classic Bronze, medium

Favorite Product: Glow on the Go


Caroline Bogert


creative director & color//cutting specialist

Our creative director, Caroline, is an experienced stylist who specializes in both color and haircutting, and is passionate about creating looks that bring out your inner beauty. When she's not at the salon, she's hanging with her son, Bagheera...a cutie black cat with loads of personality! 

Go To Solution: Rapid Ultra Dark

Favorite Product: Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine


Lauren McElroy


blonding & cutting specialist//educator//bridal

Lauren has been blonding Hoboken and the surrounding towns for years. She is renowned for her expert blonding, extensions, and bridal hairstyling. She turned her passion for hair color into an educational journey sharing her knowledge with others. She's also one bad ass inspiration to many, having experience firsthand about cancer (and kicking it's butt) and hair loss, she is able to relate to and help women cope with their  own hair loss journey. When she's not working at the salon she's creating educational courses at home...but usually you can catch her making reels in the salon on her off days or before her shift

Go To Solution: Rapid Ultra Dark

Favorite Product: Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair, Fushion Plex Shampoo, Thermal Image Spray


Payton Farley


makeup artist & master spray tan artist

Payton, a certified makeup artist known for her glam and her highly requested bridal makeup. Payton has won the heart of 70+ brides with the right waive of her brush and has countless others requesting her glam hands to doll them up for events, parties, photo shoots and just because. Her passion for all things glam won us "Best Makeup" in Hoboken! She expanded her beauty knowledge into spray tanning and became a master spray tan artist! Not only does she give the perfect bronzy tan, she  contours babes (enhancing and slimming) on a daily basis. 

Go To Solution: Rapid Ultra Dark

Favorite Product: Kevin Murphy Doo Over Spray


Karla Morales


hair stylist & makeup artist & bridal

Karla is nothing short of incredible! She's been all over doing hair and makeup for photoshoots. She has a very unique eye for creativity and it shows in her work. Her love for hair color, especially highlighting is what keeps clients coming back to her chair. If she's not behind the chair or working a wedding, she's traveling or dancing the night away!

Go To Solution: Classic Bronze, medium

Favorite Product: Kevin Murphy Untangled


Jilian Kaszka


hair stylist & spray tan artist

Jilian loves blonding and haircutting. She also has such a creative hand in hairstyling for events! She has also become quite a talented spray tan artist, bronzing and contouring babes.

Go To Solution: Classic Bronze, medium

Favorite Product: Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine & Keratherapy Perfect Blowout Spray

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